A gospel based program for people who have experienced the loss of a loved one or some other. A thirteen week program that explores how the grieving process works, and how God helps in that process. You cna start the program at any point.


Pre-School –

Peas In A Pod operates in our building. They offer morning and afternoon classes for three to five-year-olds. For more information, please call Stephanie at (219) 771-1965

12 step Programs –

If you are looking for a twelve-step program, both AA and NA use our building for meetings as well as Al-Anon. Call the church office for more details.

Take Off Pounds Sensibly –

This group meets at our church. As the name suggests, this is a healthy approach to weight loss.

Needlers –

A groups that meets in our Church and works on making quilts, knitting, and crocheting.

Hospitality –

The Church hall is available to be rented! You must be a Church member or a Church member’s relative to rent. Please contact the Church office for more information.